Duchess Road Automotive Repairs


Duchess Road Automotive Repairs has long been one of the most trusted motor mechanic businesses in the Mount Isa region. Our business was founded in 2001 by Rob Campbell at Duchess Road. Though we have moved twice since opening, we have retained the name due to the wealth of trust associated with it.

Our experienced staff have the tools, workshop facilities and know-how to provide comprehensive repair and inspection services. Whether your car needs a logbook servicing or your station vehicles require maintenance, we are committed to saving you downtime and money. Rob and the team bring more than 30 years worth of collective industry experience to the job, so you can drive with confidence. We also offer one of the few onsite roadworthy inspection services available in the Mount Isa region.

At Duchess Road Automotive Repairs our workshop is equipped with a comprehensive range of spare parts and modern equipment. We have the best diagnostic tools at our disposal to conduct meticulous roadworthy inspections and logbook servicing. Maximising the road safety of our customers is our top priority, and Mount Isa roadworthy certificates can be issued by our team.

To provide our customers with quality repair and maintenance work, we use Penrite oils and Century batteries.

Discover why Duchess Road Automotive Repairs is one of the most trusted motor mechanic businesses in the Mount Isa region. Call or visit us today.